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About Us

Qingdao Carflex Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is an IATF 16949 certified high-tech enterprise dedicated to R&D, manufacture and sales of hydraulic and pneumatic hoses and pipes for automotive industry. Carflex is headquartered in the National Automotive Park of Qingdao with construction area of 22,000, our main products cover brake hose assembly, brake line assembly, stainless steel brake hose assembly, air conditioning hose assembly and accessories. 

Carflex consists of a group of young but very creative and practical fast learners who are self-driven within the teams. Carflex has employed world class production and testing facility and equipment, and implemented branded ERP, PLM, OA and PM software systems to achieve extremely LEAN management and high efficiency of collaboration. Our products have been supplied to passenger car and commercial vehicle industries as well as branded aftermarket retailers globally.

Corporate Culture

※  Mission: To build a world class auto parts brand to glorify the nation  

※  Vision: To become a leading supplier of automotive hoses industry

※ Values: Lean & fast, realistic & altruistic, strong executive and constant innovation
※ Philosophy:
 Being a warm company, making team work happily
 Consensus reaching->Target setting->Plan->Check->Review
 Do one thing at a time, do it perfectly
 Striving to exceed customer expectations
 Maximizing sales, minimizing expenses
 Stay ambitious of challenges.

Manufacturing Equipment
Advanced industry production lines including fully automatic production lines for mass production and flexible production lines to fit varieties of small-batch orders. We also have imported the state of art production equipment and testing equipment, and have been improved according to product characteristics, obtaining numbers of national patents.

Carflex's production is characterized by efficiency and flexibility. It adapts to any requirement of any client anywhere in the world, whether in volumes, quality or specifications. Always using advanced process and exhaustive controls that assure the good performance of each hose and line that are manufactured by Carflex.